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residence permit
residence permit

Residence Permit , The foreigner gives a legal right to live in Turkey during the period of this document.

According to the new application, which was initiated within the framework of the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458, which was enacted on 11/04/2014, residence permits will be made to the consulates in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally and there is no need to issue a visa permit.

Foreigners who have a residence permit can enter the country or depart from the country as exempt from the visa permit. If the foreigner who is living in Turkey with a residence permit leaves the permission period, he may extend his residence permit in the provincial governorships (immigration administration) he resides without having to leave the country if he still has the conditions or if he / she has the necessary conditions for another residence permit Can be found in the application of the consent.

In the process of residence permit application, the companion system is abolished according to the application in Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458, and the application and permission document of each foreigner shall be arranged separately.

Foreign residents seeking residence in Turkey are made from the consulates in the country where they are citizens of foreign citizens or legally registered. Residence permits are made from provincial immigration authorities established in provincial centers.

Because the appointment system of the provincial immigration administration is very complicated with respect to foreigners and many foreigners have problems in receiving and extending resident registration every day, even some people use the trust of foreign people to victimize them. As, We will complete your extension applications or all other types of transactions with a smooth and 100% guaranteed guarantee.

Another innovation introduced by Law No. 6458 is that the work permit has the same function as the residence permit. According to Article 27 of the Law, foreigners do not need to obtain a residence permit separately in case of obtaining a work permit and they have the right to live in Turkey during the period of work permit.

Types of residence given by the Immigration Administration ;


  • Future With Scientific Purpose
  • Those who have immovable property (residence, residence) in Turkey
  • Commercial connections and business
  • In-service training program
  • Agreements that the Republic of Turkey is a party or will come with a similar purpose in the course of student exchange programs
  • For tourism purposes
  • They will come to Turkey for treatment, provided they do not carry any of the diseases that may threaten public health
  • What to stay in Turkey as a request for judicial or administrative authorities
  • Family will get a short-term residence permit from their residence permit
  • Participate in Turkish learning courses
  • They will participate in education, research, internship and courses in Turkey through public institutions
  • Applicants who completed their higher education in Turkey within 6 months from the date of graduation
  • It can be taken up to 2 years

Family Residence Permits

  • With a Turkish Citizen’s Wife
  • The wife of the residence
  • Besides the mother or father who is a Turkish citizen
  • With a Dependent Parent
  • Up to 3 years available

Student Residence Permit

Human Residence Permit

Human Trade Victimization Residency Permit

Residence Permit for Working

(Because of the new law, Work Permit foreigners do not receive residence permit, and the Work Permit is also used instead of the residence permit, but must have entered Turkey with a study visa in order to obtain this permission.)

Permission for residence due to loss (loss) / depreciation

  • Civil Status / Identity Information / Residence Address / Work Address Changes
  • Marital Status Change
  • Identity Information Change
  • Residence Address Change
  • Business Address Change

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